Our lavender farm is part of the 125-acre Red Hawk Ranch north of Heber, Arizona, established in 1988.  After enjoying the ranch country for several years, we thought it would be nice to plant some pretty flowers among the vast forest of juniper trees and tumbleweeds.  An internet search showed us that our high-altitude (6000 feet),  weather (light snow in winter, sunny but cool in summer), and soil type (lots of limestone) is perfect for growing lavender.  After our first year of growing some lavender, we decided we needed an outlet for the enormous crops of gorgeous lavender we produced!  We happened still to own our beautiful boutique building, that used to be a restaurant.  So in 2011, we opened our Heber store -- and the rest is history!  People love lavender and they love the products that we make from our lavender. In 2014 we opened a second boutique on the street level of the historic Hotel St. Michael in Prescott, Arizona, right across the street from the town square.